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You had your work cut out for you yesterday, but you rose to the challenge and helped navigate a resolution with a very emotional plaintiff. My clients had their own emotions to work through, but you helped them to feel good about the process and ultimately satisfied with the outcome.


Alan Petlak is an excellent mediator who understands the psychology of the parties and gets rid of the emotions to arrive at a practical solution for all parties involved. Alan also is very focused on problem solving for both sides and knows how to reconcile the desires and needs of both parties who enter the process as adversaries.

I first used Mr. Petlak in a mediation several years ago and he is now my mediator of choice. Knowledgeable, candid, fair, and with a great demeanor, he is a top-notch mediator.

Alan Petlak is Fantastic.

Alan did a great job of bringing the parties together to settle a matter that I did not believe would settle.

Alan understood the legal issues from the get-go which allowed the parties to focus on resolving the matter instead of educating the mediator.

Alan put my client at ease, and his calm demeanor and patience were instrumental in bringing about the settlement.

Alan brought up issues that I had not even focused, upon which helped bring the parties together.

Alan, thank you for resolving this case. My client and I were both overjoyed with the result!

Alan blends legal insight with a practical business approach, which my business clients appreciate.

I would definitely use Alan again, particularly for my most difficult mediations.