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June 2018 Blog Archive

Los Angeles Real Estate/Financial Services Mediation: Does the Settlement Agreement have to be Executed at the Mediation? While in most cases there is negligible risk in the parties electing to enter into the formal settlement agreement after reaching the deal terms at mediation, there are some cases that will only settle if the binding settlement agreement is signed at... Read More

Los Angeles Real Estate/Financial Services Mediation: Sometimes a Good Mediation is all About Baseball I recently settled a case by talking about baseball. Yes, baseball. Baseball had nothing to do with the underlying lawsuit. But, it became a necessary component to settling the matter. Read More

Los Angeles Real Estate/Financial Services Mediation: Joint Session or No Joint Session that is the Question Should a joint session take place in every mediation? Probably not in every mediation. Deciding on whether to convene a joint session should depend on the parties, the issues in dispute and, most importantly, what works best at that moment in time ... Read More

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