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There Is Creativity Even in A Straightforward Settlement Recently, a mediator colleague lamented that the settlements reached at his mediation were more and more following a predictable range and pattern. I thought about this in connection with a lender-guarantor dispute that I mediated. Read More

Mediation: Hybrid Mediation – Does it Work? With the lifting of Covid protocols, in-person and hybrid mediations are becoming much more common. I am often asked whether hybrid mediation is effective. Put another way, is there an unfair advantage given to the party who appears at the mediatio... Read More

Real Estate Mediation: Distressed Real Estate: Here We Go Again? With interest rates rising dramatically, are we staring at the abyss of another correction in the real estate market? It is obviously difficult to make projections when faced with real estate values in various jurisdictions and asset classes at near ... Read More

A Year of Zoom Mediation I am commemorating one-year of an entirely virtual mediation practice. In March 2018, when I launched Petlak Mediation, I could not have foreseen a worldwide pandemic which would prevent me from conducting in-person mediations for an entire year. Read More

FirstBack1211-14 of 14